how remarkable is your brand?

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Is your brand “remarkable” ?   A huge question that in today’s marketplace really asks “Are you engagingly marketable?” Communication is now overflowing with irrelevant clutter;  providing instant transparency; and social media allows everyone to comment with just a click.  For this environment – let’s redefine the word “remarkable”. “re·mark·a·ble:(adj) worthy of remarking on.”     If something is remarkable –    talking about it, actually makes you more interesting .  Let […]

Boomers and social networks…

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Recently, I needed to understand the scope of social media use by generation. Given the broad definition of  social media (social networks, blogs, collaboration tools, wiki, video/image sharing and so much more),  the focus was narrowed to social networks. Social networks are online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Ning niche networks, etc.. The suspicion was that Boomers would not be participating on […]