What we do

If you are creating a planned community, we are effectively your marketing director and on your side.

We adore land acquisition and planning support. Brand development and 'next-level' master marketing are passions.

What's your situation? Candidly, we'll let you know if we can deliver at the highest level - or where to find it.

Over the years, I have worked with the premier consultants in our industry.
Now having had the opportunity to work with you, I consider you to be one of the best.
Holly, I had always heard you were good, but I never expected the depth of insight that you bring to the table.
Mark Kehke, Managing Director,  Pacific Ventures Management LLC


Our Clients

Masterplans we’ve had the honor to work on

ALTAIR -Temecula, CA
COTO DE CAZA -Orange County, CA
ESCENA -Palm Springs, CA
LADERA RANCH -Orange County, CA
LIBERTY -West Sacramento, CA
RIGHETTI -San Luis Obispo, CA
ROSENA RANCH -San Bernardino County, CA
SUMMERLY -Lake Elsinore, CA
TERRAMOR -Temescal Valley, CA
WAIAWA -Oahu, Hawaii

I've been involved in Summerly land sales from the very beginning.
The increase in the marketability and land value at Summerly
under Holly's marketing and amenity direction is indisputable.
She is playing an instrumental role in the new success of Summerly.
Dan McDonough, Principal, Province West



Our brand

Every brand has a personality. Here’s ours.

Candid & Transparent.  Our clients hire us for our honest opinion. We openly share it, every time. 

Detailed. Handy in revenue analysis and well…everything.

Innovative. We like to suggest new concepts in design & technologies. The unexpected can be great.

Caring. We want the best for our clients and we’ll do what it takes -within reason – to help achieve their goals.

Holly McKie, Principal, HM-2

20+ years of marketing planned communities. First with Lennar Communities , then with Rancho Mission Viejo and now with HM-2.

We knew Holly from her Lennar Communities days.
When we needed help on our 5,000+ home masterplan entitlement –
she delivered.
Bottom-line, if Holly takes on your project, you couldn’t ask for better.
Ron Pharris, Chief Executive Officer, Lytle Development




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412 Olive Avenue, Suite 304, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 USA

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