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Social Media Marketing & the “2-way conversation”…with pictures.

Social media marketing

By now everyone within 3 miles of a ‘marketing-type’ has heard the much bantered term “2-way conversation”.  Yes it was buzzy & now a touch tedious. STILL,  it is oh-so-surprising how many brands (..including the building industry) demonstrate confusion on the concept. Below is a once over …with pictures.

traditional marketing [1-to-many]

Traditional marketing was based on a company interrupting a lot of people’s attention spans and telling them about how great your product was [1 – communicating to- many].  For the most part people would believe you and some would even take you up on your offer.

This approach worked..ages ago when people were less connected to information & unable to easily talk with other shoppers about options and brands.  Now – it mostly doesn’t work. Yet brands still cling to the old methods & logic. [I say mostly because there are methods of advertising that work today.]

Today there are several companies that use the NEW channels of social media with the OLD methods of  “talking at” people. This is not a transitional method of marketing. It is a waste of money. For those who are especially strong in their sales broadcasting, not only can they be ignored, but they can also negatively impact their brand equity.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Traditional Marketing on Social Media channels is NOT Social Media Marketing.

2-way conversation [1-to-1 in front of many or privately]

Now technology has opened up communication and publishing one’s thoughts to the world is just a click of a button. Why just listen when you can tell them (& everyone) what you really think?  Consider that closely. 

EXERCISE: On a gorgeous weekend morning, read your brand’s blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile …

Honestly – was it interesting? Did you last a half hour?

If you were interested, chances are your brand is actually talking with people and you personally found it fascinating. Congratulations it appears your brand has the knack for being social in social media. 

Done well social media marketing  demonstrates why your brand is relevant to people and positions your brand to receive more referrals and sales. Connect well with one person at a time in social media spaces and many many more will be touched by your positive effort.

If you lasted 10 minutes or less, chances are you are marketing on a social media channel and broadcasting  fabulous product features at people.

BOTTOM-LINE: If you didn’t enjoy your brand’s content, what makes you think anyone else will?

Now…off the soap box. Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear your thoughts here or let’s connect on Twitter @HollyHM2

NEXT TIME: Buyer Personas: how brands  ‘get personal” or  “where to start to create great content”.