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is technology making companies “nice”?

Technology is humanizing companies like never before. New media channels of communication are naturally pushing the concept of the “faceless corporation” into the arena of either boring  or coming across as “out of touch” and cold. So, yes – I say in terms of brand personality – some companies are nice, some are outrageous and some are …well they just are.

Implication: Companies (and large communities) need an intentional brand personality to engage customers meaningfully and effectively online and offline. It is part of today’s zeitgeist, it’s how we emotionally relate as humans and it builds brand equity.  3 Facts to Consider:

1.  Two-Way Conversation. Technology obliterated the one-way communication of traditional advertising. Now we have a lightning fast conversation. If advertisers say one thing and  the product experience is not up to expectation, customers can share with hundreds-easily. Last summer’s landmark- United Breaks Guitars just passed 8 million views on YouTube alone.   (Love Dave Carroll and United is mean. That’s my perception.) 

2. People Get “People”. If you are caring, warm, down-to-earth, family oriented, traditional and unpretentious – you may be my neighbor who’s the nicest guy or you may be Campbell’s Soup. It’s simple. People emotionally respond better to personalities, than they respond to institutions and commodities.

3.  Consistency is Everything. People experience the world both virtually and physically. Brand perceptions are built across channels and in hundreds of ways we can’t control. However, we can influence perception through brand experience. No matter what the marketing channel – online (your website,email, PPC, network buys,social media, etc.) and offline (print, broadcast, sales office, call centers, etc.); your brand personality needs to consistently and engagingly drive the experience. Vary your brand personality from channel to channel and it will be easily noticed. Know yourself, stay consistent and you will be perceived as sincere and authentic – an excellent place to start.

If you don’t have a defined brand personality and strategy – how can employees and marketing consultants consistently share the essence of who you are and why you matter? We recommend an easily understood brand strategy for companies and all long-term community assets (anticipated in the market 3+ years) . Learn more at

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