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great places and brands connect emotionally. meet replay.

“a great place” – a series of engaging spaces for consideration…perhaps inspiration for the people who build spaces everyday. 

meet replay

Replay, an Italian denim company, reaches new heights in brand experience in their stores and view them as key to developing & quickly conveying their brand.  The company seeks to redefine the traditional concept of a store as a mere “container”  Here creating emotional connection is the goal.

And bottom-line what it appears these Florence city-dwellers are craving is  a respite to walk peacefully through a forest and explore the timeless Americana-esque goods nestled with the leaves.   

The ecological theme of this 3-storey boutique was inspired by the undergrowth of a temperate forest that can be found not far from the city.  The stunning two-story vertical garden by Michael Hellgren  is joined with a central fireplace, and a moving water wall to embody the basic natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire. 

The interiors aim to “evoke industrial archaeology areas where natural materials like wood and iron are transformed by a skilled human hand to create a perfect balance between art, matter and sensorial impact.”

 Replay Stores Design Philosophy

“Replay Stores are … based on an awareness of the wide-spread need to experience new emotions and find somewhere reinvigorating…  This concept derives from…the relationship between nature, living space & emotions – and the desire to go beyond the classic conception of a store as a simple container where goods are displayed and only quantitative & aesthetic factors are important.”

Key Point: How places are emotionally perceived by people is critical to brand experience. This takes focus and a clear brand strategy. 

Worth a Visit: Replay  (note: their website is experientially great & corporate profile- really interesting) , Vertical Garden Design  (prepare to be amazed.)

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